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  • DICAMP students presenting their theses

    On May 12 -13 our DICAMP students from Fraunhofer MOEZ, University of Leipzig and HHL had their final presentations of their master theses in Leipzig, Germany. Even though most of them did not finish to evaulate and analyze important data for their theses it was necessary and interesting to see what they have been doing during the last 3 months. Their final presentations in Tunis will be held on June 17 -18. All of them did a great job in researching, writing and presenting their work to their German supervisors. Good luck to everyone for the final presentations in Tunis!

    Welcome to Leipzig

    On Sunday eight DICAMP students arrived in Leipzig to write their master theses at our three institutions: University of Leipzig, Fraunhofer MOEZ and HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management. They will be here for three months working on different topics. We will keep you updated about their work and social life. So welcome to Leipzig and we are looking forward to a creative and productive time.


    Start of Innovation Contest

    The first innovation contest for all DICAMP students is now online on our new innovation platform at www.inno-master.com. Each student can register on the platform in order to start the first innovation contest within the DICAMP project. The competition task is: “Create innovative ideas for grassroot innovation – new products or services – that make life easier and better for developing countries !” You can find further information about the task, requirements and literature at www.inno-master.com. We are looking forward for your creative and inspiring ideas! Thanks to Romy Hilbig from MOEZ for setting up the platform.

    DICAMP Project Meeting in Paris

    From December 19th-20th 2013 DICAMP partners will meet in Paris at our partner institution MINES ParisTech. In our last project meeting of this year, European and Tunisian partners will continue working on the report for the international accreditation of our master programme. Besides we will discuss and analyze the last two project years as well as focus on the final commitments. The students’ feedback about the courses that have been taught as well as the feedback of the project studies will be the basis for this discussion. Also the master thesis of the students especially those who are doing it in Europe, a further development action plan and sustainability strategy as well as the graduation and final project event will be important points of discussion. We are looking forward to a productive meeting! Thanks to Pascal and Marine for hosting us!

    Teaching Part II Module 8

    Dr. Nizar Abdelkafi and Romy Hilbig from Fraunhofer MOEZ are currently teaching the second part of Module 8 “Capturing value and knowledge management” at IHEC. They will finish the course on November 9th.

    Innovation Event

    Within our DICAMP Summer School we will have a big Innovation Event on October 3rd from 9:30 am – 4:00 pm at Technopark El-Gazala in Tunis. Click here for the detailed agenda and the flyer.Tunisian companies will have the opportunity to be updated on the frontier of innovation management, to be introduced to our DICAMP project as well as to recruit form the first generation of innovation management masters that are currently being taught in our programme. DICAMP students will have the chance to network with companies and get connected to Tunisian industry in order to emphasize the importance of our DICAMP master programme for Tunisia. We are looking forward meeting you all there!

    Teaching Module 8

    Dr. Nizar Abdelkafi is currently teaching Module 8 “Capturing value and knowledge
    management” at IHEC from 3 pm – 6 pm. He will finish his course on October 2nd.

    Presentation of Project Studies

    During our DICAMP Summer School there will be the presentation of project studies on October 1 and October 2 from 9 am – 2 pm at IHEC. You are all invited to come!

    DICAMP Summer School – Opening Event

    Another big DICAMP Event is up to come. From September 30th until October 6th will be our DICAMP Summer School at ENIT. First of all we are excited to welcome the 2nd group of DICAMP students who will start to study the master programme during summer school. Aida Besbes & Anis Allagui from ENIT will teach the first module “Introduction – the content and context for innovation management” from October 3rd until October 6th at ENIT. We will let you know more about the new students and the selection process as soon as possible. Our Summer School will start tomorrow September 30th with the Opening of the Summer School at ENIT from 10 am -2 pm. The president of the University of Tunis El Manar Pr. Abdelhafidh Gharbi, the German Ambassador in Tunisia Jens Plötner as well as the national Tempus Office Coordinator in Tunisia Mohamed Salah Harzallah will welcome all the participants with a short speech. Download the agenda for the Opening of our Summer School here.

    Teaching Module 10

    Vivek Velamuri (HHL) and Olfa Kammoun (ESSEC) will teach the Module 10 Creating New Ventures from September 2nd – September 5th 2013 at ENIT.

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