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  • DICAMP Summer School – Opening Event

    Another big DICAMP Event is up to come. From September 30th until October 6th will be our DICAMP Summer School at ENIT. First of all we are excited to welcome the 2nd group of DICAMP students who will start to study the master programme during summer school. Aida Besbes & Anis Allagui from ENIT will teach the first module “Introduction – the content and context for innovation management” from October 3rd until October 6th at ENIT. We will let you know more about the new students and the selection process as soon as possible. Our Summer School will start tomorrow September 30th with the Opening of the Summer School at ENIT from 10 am -2 pm. The president of the University of Tunis El Manar Pr. Abdelhafidh Gharbi, the German Ambassador in Tunisia Jens Plötner as well as the national Tempus Office Coordinator in Tunisia Mohamed Salah Harzallah will welcome all the participants with a short speech. Download the agenda for the Opening of our Summer School here.

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