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  • 1st project workshop at École Nationale d’Ingénieurs de Tunis (ENIT)

    Teaching for the 21st century
    During the workshop in Tunis (20-21st February, 2012) Prof. Dr. John Bessant presented a first draft how to design the master programme on Innovation Management. After the project partners discussed who could teach which lectures in the modules, students of ENIT were invited to the meeting and got a first impression of the project and the content of the master programme. The accreditation application for the master programme was completed after the workshop and sent to the Tunisian Ministry of Education.

    Prof. Dr. Bessant brought up some key ideas for the development of the master programme and raised important questions, e.g. How could we teach in the 21st century? The project partners agreed that a focus on a local context as well as a global perspective is necessary.

    Next steps:

    • Collect information about who can offer what (European and Tunisian partners)
    • Identify gaps and decide how to fill them
    • Suggest textbooks and journals

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